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Quantitative Applied Economics

Location 3F Room #32316, Dasan Hall of Economics
Address 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-Ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Telephone 82-2-760-0946
Food Science and Biotechnology

The Department of Quantitative Applied Economics (Quant Econ) has been newly established one of the selective graduate programs with the view of tackling various economic phenomena which can be analyzied and predicted by utilizing big data and machine learning methodologies. Today most of economic units such industries and government even individuals tend to actively employ these state-of-the-art software knowledge skills in decision-making and analyzing markets, and moreover academically do research to find quantitative ways in economics. With fast advancing  technologies in data science and A.I. and accordingly able to easily acculumate accessible and applicable data in economics, it will be further inclined to combine big data and machine learning methods with economic analysis and prediction. 


SKKU Quant Econ is a postgraduate program that aims for students who mostly work in the firm, to learn analytic and predicting methodologies on economic aspects  by making use of big data and machine learning technologies. On top of data science skills, students should acquire adequate theoretical principles and approches able to understand analyzed data results and to explicitly explain themes concerning economics and relevant information. Thus, the SKKU Quant Econ curriulum ensures that well-balanced courses between theory and practice and various pedagoical methodologies are provided with cutting-edge data science skills as well as traditional analytic methods of actual proof. 


SKKU Quant Econ is designed for students to take the curriculum and program customized for their needs, that is, able to complete the course and gain a master's degree effectively.  Also we are proud of the SKKU Quant Econ faculty who are well-known and distinguished in economic policy-making field and relavant academic society  at home and abroad.




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