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Study Abroad Programs

Exchange Student Program

An exchange student can study in foreign univeristies upon agreement with SKKU, for one or two semesters. An outbound exchange student pays tutuion only to SKKU.


Students wanting to take part in an exchange should apply for the program in advance.
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Exchange Student Program
Country University/ Institution Date Agreement w/
Germany Kiel University 2014. 4. Global Economics
Netherlands University of Groningen 2012. 10. Global Economics
Netherlands Tilburg University 2004. 1. College of Economics
United States Suffolk University 2013. 3. College of Economics


Study Abroad Program

SKKU students can also study in foreign univeristies through the exchange agreement by applying for the Study Abroad Program. In this program, students should pay tuition to both univeristies. However, SKKU compensates 80% of the tuition (paid to SKKU) with the SKKU Global Scholarship.


For more information about Exchange and Study Abroad Program, please contact the International Office.

Study Abroad Program
Yeahuen KIM Exchange Program Manager (Outbound) 82-2-760-0152
Yeonsoo JUNG Exchange Program Manager (Inbound) 82-2-760-0155


SAF Program (Study Abroad Foundation Program)

Since 2006, SKKU students have been able to study in foreign universities through the SAF agreement. SAF students should pay both university's fees, the same as the Study Abroad Program. Furthermore, students should apply for the program in advance. SAF holds all of the administrative procedures after the draft.


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