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In 1398, Sungkunkwan Royal Academy opened upon imperial decree in Seoul for scholar-officials to study the Confucian Classics. Home to leading Confucian philosophers and scholars of the Joseon Dynasty, Sungkyunkwan represents a unique role in the history of Korean education and philosophy. Sungkyunkwan University maintains an official historical site, including the Myeongnyundang lecture hall, state examination hall, library, and dormitories.


In 1895, Sungkyunkwan converted to a modern four-year university, and re-opened as a private university after Korean Independence in 1948. With this new beginning, the College of Economics was also constituted in that year, as the Department of Economics was established. Then, the Department of Statitistics (1964), International Trade (1974), Global Economics (2009) was established in sequence.


The College of Economics has become one of the best colleges in SKKU. We boast world-class faculty and students with their enormous potential studying in the college. The college is also equipped with modern amenities, including classrooms with wireless technology and computer labs.