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International Trade (Interdisciplinary)

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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
Undergraduate INT2002 International Trade Negotiation 3 Korean Yes
Course Summary: This course aims to enhance the understanding of the basic international negotiation theory and the application capacity of the negotiation theory to the actual negotiation contexts such as the bilateral negotiation and the multilateral negotiation considering the characteristics of the negotiation agenda and the negotiation partners.
Undergraduate INT2003 International Trade Policy and Tariff 3 Korean Yes
This course aims at understanding the main concepts and practices regarding international trade policy and tariff. Focusing on the rapidly changing nature of the international trade environments, it delves into various trade-related institutions, most notably the tariff laws.
Undergraduate INT2004 History of World Economic Order 3 Korean Yes
This course intends to study the historical process of the formation and transformation of the world economic order. It explores from the global perspectives how individual nations have built the world economic order through interactions among them and what changes they have undergone over time. It also explores the process in which various regions of the globe have developed their economies and reached the present economic structure. Through this exploration, it encourages students to enhace their understanding of the temporal and spacial patterns of the state-oriented, regional, and global economic orders.
Undergraduate INT3001 International Economic Organization Theory 3 Korean Yes
Course Summary: This course targets to provide comprehensive understanding of economic backgrounds of the international economic organizations such as WTO, IMF, and IBRD, i.e., so call Bretton Woods systems. Moreover, based on the basic understandings of the organizational structure of the WTO, this course aims to provide the strategic analysis of the ongoing trade issues in the context of WTO.
Undergraduate INT3002 Global Market Strategy 3 Korean Yes
This course explores the corporate strategy to penetrate the global markets. It deals with both the advance and frontier markets. It also studies the strategies for regional economic cooperation bodies such as FTA. Overall, it intends to give students an enhanced understanding of the strategy development process depending on the economic, social, and cultural characteristics of individual markets.
Undergraduate INT3003 Global Sustainable Management 3 Korean,English Yes
The aim of this course is to study the issues of corporate management ethics and the social responsibility. Though this study students are expected to understand the limitation of the profit-oriented conventional enterprises and to extend the horizon on corporate business purproses.
Undergraduate INT3004 Study of Regional Trade 3 Korean Yes
This course explores the institutional, cultural, and economic policy differentials of individual regions on the globe. It traces the major features of the economic systems of China, EU, India, Middle East, Pacific Rim regions and studies region-specific trade methods and practices. By focusing on one or a limited number of regions, this study escalates students' knowledge on the regional economy concerned.
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