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International Trade

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Course & Curriculum
Classification Course Code Course Title Credit Language of Instruction Course Availability
General Graduate TRA4003 Introduction to Multinational Corporations 3 Chinese Yes
This course covers basic concepts and principles of Multinational Corporations. Main contents are strategy, organization, finance, human resource, production, information, accounting and taxation of MNCs.
General Graduate TRA4014 Business Japanese and the Corporate Culture in Japan 3 Korean Yes
This course offers to advance students' proficiency at Japanese speaking and writing in a specific situation of business. It includes functional business Japanese in meetings, telephoning, and negotiating as well as how to write business memos and letters. In addition to learning language skills, students can study and understand the corporate culture in Japan. Those will help to develop executive ability in the overall businesswith Japan.
General Graduate TRA4020 Internatioal Regional Economics 3 - No
Politic-economic approach to the word economy by area, mainly on South-East and North-East Asian economy, European economy(EU), North and South American economy, Asian-pacific economy(APEC) and Middle-East's oil economy etc.
General Graduate TRA4029 Foundation of International Development Cooperation 3 - No
This course aims to provide students with introductory knowledge about principle of development cooperation as well as case studies about it. In particular, it delivers such topics as philosophy of development cooperation, financial transfer, capacity support, and policy changes. Case studies across sectors or countries will follow learning of theories in those areas while their meaning is explored.
General Graduate TRA4031 Special Lecture on International Commerce & Logistics of China 3 Korean Yes
This class aims to analyze how China’s trade policy has changed and how it will respond to China’s negotiation policy in relation to changes in China’s trade structure and market, which are main concerns of Korean companies, and try to understand normal laws of trade of China. Besides, it Designed to introduce to the current issues of logistics policy in China, including seaport and airport policy and inland transport network.
General Graduate TRA5011 International Transport and Logistics 3 Korean Yes
International logistics is a particularly fast-moving field. It covers important issues, such as :* increasing strategic importance of logistics* global operations and increasing international competition* integration of organization and activities in the supply chain* new requirements from aspects of e-commerce* increasing emphasis on quality and customer-based service of seaport and airport
General Graduate TRA5023 Special Lecture on International Trade Contract 3 Korean Yes
Discussion on the types, characters and legalities of international business contract including formation, performance and breach. Analysis of the terms and conditions of various types of contract according to the objects. Tools of discussion may be uniform conventions of UNCITRAL, any domestic law or usages. Objects of analysis may be goods, services, capitals, intellectual property rights or combinations.
General Graduate TRA5024 Special Lecture on Internaional Trade Customs 3 - No
This subject analyses INCOTERMS 2000 having been used since Jan. 1.. 2000. as the International Rules for the Interpretation of Terms, Taking the rational and commercial resons of being revised and supplemented into account.In case of the contract based on FOB term or CIF term, Especially focuses legal, chronical, commercial research.Analysis of the terms and conditions of standard contract from for the international sale of goods based on MODEL FORM INTERNATIONAL SALE CONTRACT of International Chamber of Commerce.
General Graduate TRA5029 Research Methodology 3 Korean Yes
Desingned to introudce students to the method and instruments of business research, including scientific method, research desin, and measurement.
General Graduate TRA5039 Special Lecture on Internaional Trade Statutes 3 Korean Yes
Deals with basic principles of international commercial laws including GATT/WTO agreements, U.S. and EU laws of international commerce, which affect international trade and business. Topics include international trade regulations under WTO system, U.S., EU and Japanese laws of international commerce, subsidy issues, international trade and environment.
General Graduate TRA5044 Seminar of International Trade Law 3 - No
Discussion of international rules or conventions regarding international business and comparative review for the relatives between these rules and domestic law in the aspects of validity.
General Graduate TRA5051 Logistics in International Trade 3 - No
-a knowledge of the basic principles of logistics management with a focus on distribution, together with an understanding of experiences in logistics in actual practice -a knowledge of production management, with a focus on manufacturing planning and control systems, as well as production process design and workforce ­issues of production -the ability to structure, identify and diagnose logistical problems as they relate to management responsibilities -the ability to transform overall corporate strategies into logistics strategies and action programmes -the ability to successfully formulate a theoretical and practical research question, to develop a research methodology, to collect and analyse data, and to write a thesis related to Logistics Management.
General Graduate TRA5055 Introduction of International Commerce 3 Korean Yes
The aim of this course is to give outlines of international commerce based on trade practice and usages with contract approach.
General Graduate TRA5059 Global sustainable Management 3 Korean Yes
This course covers 3Ps(Profit, people and Planet) for sustainable management in the world, how to balance the seemingly conflicting interests. Economic, social, environmental responsibility( initiatives) of corporations, governments and NGOs are discussed. Also SM reports are reviewed for major multinational corporations.
General Graduate TRA5062 Seminar on International Payment 3 Korean Yes
This course is designed to make comparative study about UCP, UCC and also examine whether these principles and rules can be accommodated in practice.
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