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Mission & Vision

As we are living in a world where things are continuously changing, it is essential for all of us to know about economics and statistics.


The College of Economics produces scholars who fulfill such social need. In terms of professional education, as aforementioned, it is our goal to raise the first Korean Nobel Prize winner and in order to do so, the most excellent national and international professors teach the top curriculum avaliable.


Accordingly, the educational purpose of the College of Economics is to increase the quality of lectures and research by increasing the feedback effect and the synergy effect of the departments of economics and statistics, and to create practical human resources that are desired by the current industrial society.


The vision of the College of Economics can be divided into 3 areas, and the ultimate goal is to achieve a place in Asia Top 20 and Global Top 50 universities by 2020.


  • Truly Globalization
    • Globally Open Network
    • Globally Competitive Faculty
  • Research System Structuralization
    • Co-Researching System
    • Team unit Laboratory
    • Variout Award Programs
  • Student-Friendly Education Service
    • Customized Counseling
    • Mentoring Program
    • [between Alummi-Students]

Aisa Top20
Global Top 50


Truly Globalization

  • Fortifying the globally open network by providing various International Collaborative Programs with the most excellent universities around the world
  • Strengthening global core ability by maintaining a globally competitive faculty achieved by inviting excellent faculty members that possess international level of high impact research ability to comprehend education, research, cooperation, and more.


Research System Structuralization

  • Organizes a laboratory system and promotes a co-researching system with professors and graduate students that hubs the research lab. In addition, building a systematic research system by activating research activities through team unit laboratories, to promote quality improvement in search results and to motive the members by increasing various award/ incentive programs.


Student-Friendly Education Service

  • Understand characteristics of each student in the department through customized counseling such as department camp activities, and based thereon activating mentoring programs which connect students and alumni, and programs that connect bachelor-master/master-doctoral students together, to give students an appropriate connection service.
  • Furthermore, improving the brand of the College of Economics and educating global core students.