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Faculty - Economics

  • Associate Professor
  • KIM, HYUNCHUL 홈페이지 바로가기


  • BA in Economics, Seoul National University, 2004
  • PhD in Economics, University of Minnesota, 2013


  • 2013-present. Sungkyunkwan University

Journal Article

  • Estimating Store Choices with Endogenous Shopping Bundles and Price Uncertainty (with Kyoo il Kim), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 54, 1-36, 2017 Do Vertically and Horizontally Integrated Firms Survive Longer? The Case of Cable Networks in Korea (with Sangwoo Lee and Minsoo Park), Information Economics and Policy, 39, 84-93, 2017 Quantifying Substitution of mVoIP for Cellular Telephony in Korea (with Weonseek Kim and Minsoo Park), International Journal of Mobile Communications, 14(5), 454-471, 2016 Spillover E_ects of Temporary Price Cuts: Evidence from U.S. Scanner Data (with Kyoo il Kim), Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, 27(1), 16-33, 2016 The Determinants of Cartel Duration in Korea (with Robert M. Feinberg and Minsoo Park), Review of Industrial Organization, 48(4), 433-448, 2016 Price Discrimination and Sequential Contracting in Monopolistic Input Markets (with Seung-Gyu Sim), Economics Letters, 128, 39-42, 2015