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Student Activities/Societies

Student Union (2018 Academic Year)

College of Economics

Kang Min LEE 2F Room No. 211, Toegye Hall of Humanities
Economics(Department) Min Sik Choi -
Statistics (Department)


2F Room No. 210, Toegye Hall of Humanities
Global Economics (Department) Hee Won Joo B2 Room No. 207, International Hall


Academic Activity (Mentors)

Dasan Finance

Academic Club



Yong Il JEON, Ph.D 

Dong Won LEE, Ph.D.

Yong Se KIM, Ph.D.

Chang Ryong BAEK, Ph.D.




Dasan Finance Academic Club


Mentor (Prof.): Yong Il JEON, Ph.D.

Dasan Finance Academic club’s goals are learning about microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance subjects and statistical subjects. For seminars, association members can choose the subject that they want to learn about, and then conduct a seminar.

After learning the basics, they begin paper creation activities in pairs and participate in various contests by utilizing their knowledge. Also, the Dasan Finance Academic Club is famous for its number of award winning careers.


1. Qualification for application

   - Undergraduates who have a major or double major in the College of Economics
2. Obligatory Rule 

   - Must participate in the Spring Semester & Fall Semester (Including activities in the summer vacation period)




SEDA (Skku Economy Debating Association)


Mentor (Prof.): Dong Won LEE, Ph.D.


SEDA is the oldest academic club in the College of Economics, and discusses economic theory and current economic events. SEDA holds a seminar each week and the theme will be selected among economic issues.


In addition, SEDA conducts a study about major economic subjects, economic newspapers, TESAT (Test of Economic Sense Thinking), etc.


1. Qualification for application

  - Undergraduates who have a major in the College of Economics

2. Obligatory Rule

   -Must Participate in at least two semesters (Including seminars in the vacation period) and must give a seminar & feedback

     per one semester

3. Formal Hompage: club.cyworld.com/seda

4. Formal SNS: www.facebook.com/skkuseda




BE (Becoming Economicsts)


Mentor (Prof.) Yong Se KIM, Ph.D.

BE (Becoming Economists) conducts a seminars and a presentations with graduate students in the Economics department. In addition to academic seminars, BE shares outside scholarship foundation information and information for overseas graduate school admission.


In every weekly seminar, members give feedback about presentations by survey paper. Also, BE provides opportunities for Latex, Stata, R programming and paper cleanup programs.


Qualification for application: Economic department’s students with basic economic knowledge






Mentor (Prof.): Chang Ryong BAEK, Ph.D.

P-SAT (Power-Statistical Analysis Technic) is the only academic club in the Statistic Department. The goal of P-SAT is to share statistical knowledge and develop practical ability by analyzing big data.


Apart from the activities during the semester, P-SAT conducts studies for certificates, and participates in statistical analysis contests. P-SAT’s semester curriculum consists of Clean-up & Lead-off for theoritical knowledge & Basics of Programming and Analysis for practical statistic analysis and Package for proficient programming skills.


1. Qualification for application

  - All students in SKKU

2. Obligatory Rule

  - Must participate in at least two semesters (Including seminars in the vacation period) and must attend seminars each


3. Formal Homepage: http://club.cyworld.com/powersat