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Dean's Office


Minseong KIM +82-2-760-1034 minseong@skku.edu


Administrative Office

Location: #33404 (Economics&Business Office) 4th floor of Business Building 

Name Position Duties Call E-mail

Jong Woo KIM 


Director Supervising and managing administration +82-2-760-0859 smile917@skku.edu

Chang Shin PARK


Senior Manager

• Graduate
• Budgeting/Research

• Enrollment

• Student Affairs/Career

+82-2-760-0942 shin@skku.edu

Soon Sung HWANG


Assistant Manager

• Global Economics
• Scholarship

+82-2-760-0042 skku.hwang@skku.edu

Taeyeon KIM


Assistant Manager

• Curriculum
• Faculty Personnel

• Facility/TA Management

• Internationalization

• Promotion

+82-2-760-0945 kimtaeyeon@skku.edu

Kyoung-A OH



• Space Management

• 3-Poom

+82-2-760-0858 anna0607@skku.edu

Tae-Young KANG


Assistant • Department of Economics +82-2-760-0949 abcd123@skku.edu

Hyung Soo SHIN



• Department of Economics

+82-2-760-0949 shin87213@skku.edu

Kang Min LEE


Assistant • Department of Statistics +82-2-760-0461 lkminn@skku.edu

Sewon NA


Assistant • Department of Global Economics +82-2-760-0040 mich1711@skku.edu

Mun Yeong CHOI


Assistant • Department of International Trade / Actuarial Science +82-2-760-0941 mymymy@skku.edu


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