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Title SKKU Achieves the Best Performance in all three ‘R&D Researchers Cultivation Projects’
Writer College of Economics Date 2017-08-25 Hit 245

SKKU has been recognized for its top-level research ability by achieving the best performance in the main three R&D Researchers Cultivation Projects: the Global Ph.D. Fellowship Project (GPF), the Undergraduate Research Program Support Program (URP), and the Research Fellow Support Program (RF).

For GPF, which gives financial support of 3 million won per year to a student for 3-5 years, 21 subjects were selected and a total of 261 million won will be provided. For URP, 40 students in 11 teams were selected, which will provide a total of 10 million won. Meanwhile, 32 assignments were selected for RF, which will provide a total of 480 million won for the next 3 years.

Through these results, SKKU proved to have top-level research and education ability in Korea and is stepping forward to become a center for cultivating researchers for the next generation in the world.

Prof. Ji Beom YOO, Chair for Research & Business Foundation Center, said “SKKU has already been receiving recognition for its research abilities by placing in the top 50s in the world rankings, and we are preoccupying research fields that are expected to lead the future. We would provide our best support for professors, graduate, and undergraduate students in order to realize our dream, ‘Truly, Global Leading University.”

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